What is Lightcem technology?



About Lightcem Technology

Lightcem Technology Ltd. is a company founded on the research and development of a range of concrete based compounds with varying characteristics. Comprising of different degrees of Fire protection, surface protective concretes, floating concrete that are well suited for the offshore construction industry and spray able concrete compounds. Lightcem Technology Ltd. sells licenses to companies who wish to market and further sell Lightcem products in their chosen areas. With over 40 years of experience and development in this field, our products distinct themselves from other similar compounds. This has been verified through an extensive test program undertaken by a series of independent laboratories and government test centers.
Some of our previous projects include a floating fish farm for use in the Mediterranean, a structural repair program to a British oil platform and the fireproofing of London Underground.
We have also fire proofed several British and Norwegian tunnels including Dartford tunnel on M25 in England. During this project, we were called in due to the failure of our competitors fireproofing product, the difference was that our products did not absorb water and chemicals giving it the same degree of protection after repeated exposure to fire.
In recent time, we have made headway with the Norwegian public roads administration using our surface and fire protective concretes in several Norwegian tunnels.