Brann Stadion Reperasjoner


When pieces of concrete began to break free from the underside of the cantilever roof at Brann Stadium, the Norwegian authorities had no choice but to close the building. Engineers subsequently reported that the steel reinforcing suffered from inadequate coverage and that large areas of the concrete were already “blown” and likely to fall on the seats below.The report made it clear that not only would the repairs be both difficult and time consuming, but additional structural supports would be required just to carry the extra weight imposed by the repairs. However, an analysis of the costing revealed that there was little difference between the cost of the repair program and a brand new roof. Either way the financial burden would be prohibitive.


Removing all loose and “blown” concrete. Sand blast exposed reinforcing along with the complete underside of the cantilever roof. Using wet-spray method apply Lightcem’s Litecrete to the entire area. The Result: A cost effective solution, with the minimum of fuss and the shortest possible shutdown period. It was completed by the addition of white cement to the Litecrete formula, leaving the stadium looking light, bright and brand new.

C/No: 021088                                                                        Type of Construction

Location: Bergen, Norway                                               Football and Athletic Stadium

Contracted by: Mastercare AS

Lisense Holder: SK Norway                                             Product Used:  Litecrete


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