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How well do Lightcem products adhere to other materials?


Several Lightcem products have High Bonding characteristics. In particular Sprayfast will
adhere to almost any clean surface, including glass.



Physical Properties



Resistence / Reactive Properties



Is surface cracking and splitting more pronounced than with normal concrete?


No. Please note that compounds can be modified to further minimise cracking and splitting.



Can the products be used in a free standing situation?


Low density compounds may not be suitable for free standing applications. Howevercompounds such as LC-25 and LC-35 are ideal.



Do Lightcem products offer better protection to cables and pipework than normalconcrete?


Yes. In particular one Fireshield compound offers protection up to 1350oC



Are shrinkage and creep more pronounced than with ordinary concrete?


No. Please note that compounds can be modified to minimise shrinkage and creep.



Is surface cracking and splitting more pronounced than with normal concrete?


No. Please note that compounds can be modified to further minimise cracking and splitting.



Is there a requirement for additional joints where large areas are covered with Lightcem products?


In general, good conventional concrete practice is recommended. However Lightcemproducts can be modified to increase the joint spacing if required.



Is tolerance to temperature change and/or climatic conditions better than for normal concrete?


Most definitely YES.



Do the products react in acid soil conditions?


 In general terms No. Modifications to compounds are available for extreme conditions.



What reactions are there when the products come in contact with water?


Reports from Floating Fish Farm shown NO deterioration after continuous immersion in saltwater for 9 years.


Are Lightcem products water resistant?




What thermal conductivity characteristics do the products have?


They vary from product to product. However in general the following apply; LC-05 0.13 W/moC, LC-10 0.25 W/moC, LC-25 0.43 W/moC.



Do Lightcem products afford greater resistance properties than normal concrete?


In general terms YES . Please note that compounds can be modified to increase specificresistance properties.



What temperature levels have products reached in testing?


The range of FIRESHIELD compounds has been designed to varying degrees of resistanceup to 1350oC.



Do the products carry recognised accreditation?


Yes. Copies of the relevant documentation are available on request.






Do the products require special curing?


 This will depend on a number of factors e.g. humidity, temperature, etc. Experience showsthat the use of curing membrane is often advantageous.


What aggregates can be used in Lightcem products?


A wide variety of aggregates may be specified depending on the prescribed use of thecompound (see individual data sheets).


What is the cement content of the mixes?


This will depend on the specific compound and the modifications made to suit specificpurposes.


Can Lightcem products be adjusted / modified to suit specific needs?


Yes. This is one of the great strengths of Lightcem Technology, although there are limits iffire certification is required.



Can the products be coloured?


Yes, as normal concrete.






Can Lightcem products be used in unventilated areas?


In general terms YES. However, a suitable particulate dust mask should be worn if sprayingin a confined area.



Are there any special procedures required when using Lightcem products?


The same health and safety procedures apply as with normal concrete. However! Please besure to read the Health and Safety document issued by Lightcem Technology International.



Health and Safety



In what form are the products delivered (i.e. bulk/bagged, one/two parts)?


One part mixes in bags. The bag size can be produced to meet the requirements of the contract.



Do any of the constituents of the various compounds require pr-wetting during storage or prior to mixing?





Delivery and Storage



Can the products be sprayed by using BOTH Wet and Dry methods?


SPRAYFAST and FIRESHIELD are designed to suit Wet spray methods. However,modifications are available if Dry spray methods are preferred.


What finishes may be obtained?


The products can be trowelled, cast, moulded and finished in much the same way as normalconcrete. The lighter products can be cut easily allowing for trimming once the material hascured.


Are the products pumpable?


SPRAYFAST and FIRESHIELD are designed to be pumpable, using a worm pump. Othercompounds can be modified to suit pumping requirements.


Can the constituents of Lightcem products be dry mixed at an on-site batching plant
to produce the product?





Can the products be used in small quantities?


Yes. However the total content of each bag supplied must be thoroughly mixed.






What is the normal working life (after batching) and can retarders be used where
long journeys and/or high temperatures are expected?


In general terms One and a Half hours. However, accelerators or retarders can be used to suit project requirements.


To what thickness can the products be sprayed in one pass?


This depends on the density of the chosen product. However, SPRAYFAST has been sprayed on vertical surfaces at thicknesses in excess of 200mm and in one particular case up to 300mm in one application.

Can accelerators or retarders be used with Lightcem products?




Do Lightcem products require special Quality Control measure?


Yes. Strict adherence to the prescribed mixing method is essential.



Is the design life of Lightcem products similar to normal concrete?


In general terms Yes. However, it should be noted that specific FIRESHIELD compoundshave been designed to withstand repeated exposure to fire.



How long do the products take to cure?


This depends on both the compound and the prevailing conditions. However, compounds canbe modified to suit specific requirements.


How does the workability of Lightcem products compare with normal concrete?


Sprayers, plasterers and concretors are universal in their praise of the Lightcem, products. They especially appreciate the superior bonding characteristics of SPRAYFAST and FIRESHIELD.


What is the typical Sprayback Loss / Rebound value?


 Typical rebound values may be as low as 5%. This will be dependant on factors such as thetype of surface, operator efficiency, spraying angle and location (i.e., overhead) etc.


Where have Lightcem products been used?


Locations range from icy Scandinavian Fjords (Ferry docking point) to the warmth of the Mediterranean (Seacon floating fish farm).

In between, Lightcem has successfully completed contracts as diverse as tunnel linings in Norway and Sweden, Fire Protection in the Netherlands and the Dartford tunnel in the UK aswell as shaft repair work on the Jubilee Line extension in London. The range of applicationsfor the Lightcem products grows every day and is only limited by the imagination. Lightcem are only too happy to help adapt the range of products to meet the requirements of new applications.









How much does the product cost?


This depends on the particular compound specified, the degree of modification that may be required and the quantity required to complete the project.

N.B. Lightcem products are designed to provide COST EFFECTIVE solutions to a wide variety of complex engineering problems. For Example: By combining the properties of FIRESHIELD and SPRAYFAST, Norwegian engineers were able to carry out a protection program to road tunnels using less than half thethickness that would have been necessary using traditional concrete. (See case study No.050685. Ref. Road Tunnels).


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