Seacon Fiskeoppdrett  


Fish farming has been part of man’s food supply chain for hundreds of years, but the developments that took it from the medieval stew pond to a major industry really god underway in the 1970’s. By the 1980’s literally hundreds of lochs, lakes and inlets had become home to a variety of farms and tank nets. However only a few species lent themselves to such a farming style; many other require more open waters and a freer environment.Current designs proved to be unsuitable, for what was required was a farm that could be moored miles from shelter and exposed to all the elements.A new type of farm was called for, one that was strong enough to withstand the continuous onslaught of the open sea, yet light enough to float.


Removing Using the latest off-shore technology a design was submitted utilizing reinforced Litecrete. The resultant weight reduction, of almost 45% allowed the engineers to produce a more compact design, with smaller buoyancy chambers and a simplified reinforcing schedule.Thus a successfully completed Floating Fish Farm is now moored safely out in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.A farm designed to withstand waves of seven meters in height and a farm that costs 40% less than any design using conventional technology.

C/No: 200985                                                                                       Type of Construction

Location: Barcelona                                                                          Floating Fish Farm

Contracted by: Barca Imports S.A.

Lisense Holder: SK Norway                                                            Product Used:  Litecrete


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