Floating Dock - Flesland 

An overview of some projects accomplished using Lightcem products


The Flesland Port Authority required the construction of a boat dock that would accommodate 4 to 6 or 7 boats and withstand the ravages of the North Sea storms and tides.  The tidal range of the fjord meant that a floating dock was necessary rather than fixed.

The solution? Norwegian engineers turned to LightCem to provide materials to construct a floating dock made of concrete.

A new type of dock called for, a in-shore structure and one that was strong enough to withstand the continuous onslaught of the open sea, yet light enough to float. Using the latest off-shore technology, a design was submitted utilising reinforced LightCem LITECRETE. The resultant weight reduction, of almost 45% allowed the engineers to produce a more compact design, with smaller buoyancy chambers and a simplified reinforcing structure. Thus a successfully completed floating dock is now moored safely in Flesland Harbour on the west coast of Norway. The doc was designed to withstand waves of seven metres in height and costs 40% less than any design using conventional technology.