Geotermisk Kraftverk - Filippinene


The Philippine Geothermal Inc. (PGI-MAKBAN located at B.O.Bitin Laguna) and (PGI-TIWI located at Tobacco Albay) these geothermal power plants are the main source of electricity for the Luzon area. The power plants mentioned takes advantage of the steam near Mount Makiling (Makban) and Mayon Volcano (Albay). Molten rock may come quite close to the surface where the crust has been thinned, faulted, or fractured by plate tectonics. When this near surface heat is transferred to water, a usable form of geothermal energy is created.The steam travels to the turbines through long varied sized pipes. These exposed pipes were considered a liability factor as the pipe run out over residential areas. The major problems they had encountered was the previous use of different types of insulation to maintain the heat/energy levels. This lack of insulation caused corrosion along many of the steam pipes. Fireshield was used to coat the pipes. Its insulation properties were sufficient to prevent heat loss as well as being a natural anti-corrosion agent. Fireshield is flexible enough to absorb the expansion and contraction along the pipelines. Testing demonstrated that Fireshield provided enough secondary support against holes and ruptures, saving the cost of any relocation or burying.

C/No: 181200                                                                                    Type of Construction

Location: Philippines                                                                        Pipe Cladding

Contracted by: Philippines Geothermal Plant

Lisense Holder: JACT Technology Corp                                            Product Used:  Fireshield


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