Raffineri Budapest


Her er en oversikt over noen av prosjektene som er blitt gjennomført

med Lightcem sine produkter.



The possibility of fire is always present when refining petroleum products and gasses. All refineries have critical equipments that would, in the event of fire, produce catastrophic and chain explosive effects if overcome by fire, and / or be very costly to repair in the event of fire damage. This was a risk duly assessed by the Oil Refinery Authority in critical locations within the production infrastructure where the operation and design of the facility limits the effects of safety shut off valves. In the event of a fire, flame suppression and fire-fighting is an essential element to help prevent the spread of fire from the seat to other equipment and storage facilities.   In some parts of the production process, the very low flash point of some of the production products, means that heat and ignition must be prevented at all cost.


The solution was simple – to spray on an additional thin layer of fire-retardant material that would enhance the natural protection from ignition afforded by the metal pipework and equipment, in the event of a fire. Ordinary concrete naturally offers and intrinsic degree of fire protection but will begin to structurally degrade with heat above 300°C.  Therefore a higher temperature resisting coating was required to withstand heat in excess of 1000°C.


LightCem’s FIRESHIELD™ was the ideal solution. Just a 20-30mm coating of FIRESHIELD™ sprayed on to the existing structures and other surfaces was required, and this provided additional structural support and fire protection up to 1350°C. LightCem’s FIRESHIELD™ is a very cost effective way of preventing considerable and costly damage to equipments due to fire, will ‘buy time’ to help reduce the effects and the spread of fire whilst fire-fighting measures are initiated, and potentially save life by helping to prevent the catastrophic failure of safety equipments just when they are most required.