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For more than a century London’s Victorian buildings have faced the vagaries of the British climate. From blistering summer sunshine, to the ravages of ice, snow, frost and rain, the elements combine to wreck havoc on brick, stone, tile and timber alike. As if that were not enough other enemies have joined the battle; Traffic pollution, Acid rain and the smoke from thousands of chimneys have taken their toll. Now, blackened, battle scarred, cracked, chipped and split, those casualties are in need of tender care. This was the task faced by a London based restoration company.

High pressure cleaning gave the buildings an instant facelift, laying bare areas of damage and decay that required urgent action. In some cases localized repairs were possible, but in other areas whole sections would need to be replaced, this was where LITECRETE came in. First a damaged section of stone was removed and crushed to a powder. The crushed stone was then reconstituted and used to form a coating inside the suitable molds. Litecrete was then poured into the remainder of the mold to form a strong, lightweight backing. Lugs were cast into the LITECRETE and the complete molded section was fixed back into place. Crushing the original stone produced a perfect match. Bonding it to LITECRETE made it strong, permanent and light, thereby reducing the strain on the old building. 

C/No: 051095                                                                               Type of Construction

Location: London, GB                                                           Refurbish Period Buildings

Contracted by: T&O Restoration

Lisense Holder: BJO England                                                  Product Used: Litecrete


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