Rotterdam Havn

The possibility of fire is always present when refining petroleum products or handling / off-loading / pumping petroleum products and gasses.  This was a risk duly assessed by the Rotterdam Port Authority at their loading / off-loading fuel terminal in Rotterdam Harbour.

In the event of a fire, flame suppression and fire-fighting is an essential element to help prevent the spread of fire from the seat to other equipment, shipping vessels and storage facilities. With the intensity of fuel fires and the probability that the fire has been preceded by an explosion, or cause further explosive events, traditional manual fire-fighting is often not possible. The only other option is to fight the fire from a distance and preferably with remote control systems, minimising the human presence in the extensive danger area. In most industrial fuel complexes, this is accomplished with the use of remote controlled cannons which can be directed from a disaster control centre to move and to suppress the fire with water sprays and other suppressants.  However, these equipments, often mounted high up on towers, are themselves vulnerable to the intense heat of fuel fires and from the blast effects of explosions.  Additional protection to provide a barrier from direct flame and to provide additional structural support was required.

The solution was simple – to spray on an additional thin layer of concrete that would protect from melting with flames and provide additional structural / lateral support in the event of an explosion. Ordinary concrete naturally offers and intrinsic degree of fire protection but will begin to structurally degrade with heat above 300°C.  Therefore a higher temperature resisting concrete was required to withstand heat in excess of 1000°C.


LightCem’s FIRESHIELD™ was the ideal solution. Just a 20-30mm coating of FIRESHIELD™ sprayed on to the existing structures and other surfaces was required, and this provided additional structural support and fire protection up to 1350°C. LightCem’s FIRESHIELD™ is a very cost effective way of preventing considerable and costly damage to the fire-fighting equipments due to fire, will ‘buy time’ to help reduce the effects and spread of fire, and potentially save life by preventing catastrophic failure of safety equipments just when they are most required.

C/No: 070493                                                                               Type of Construction

Location: Rotterdam.                                                                Water Cannon Towers

Contracted by: Intergron V.O.F.

Lisense Holder: NG Benelux                                                  Product Used:  Fireshield


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