As with all repairs & applications it is essential to apply to a clean, sound surface free from grease, oil, dust & loose material.

Sprayfast can be applied to unprimed and the majority of primed steelwork. Due to Sprayfast's cement base, alkali sensitive primer or paints should be removed prior to application. If the paint cannot be removed a sealing coat should be applied. All loose rust or paint should be removed prior to Sprayfast application. Ideally surfaces should be grit blasted and then degreased.

Concretes must be adequately prepared, all surfaces containing grease or oil should be cleaned with detergent & care taken to ensure the oil/grease is removed and not spread around. The face to be sprayed should be drenched with clean water prior to the application of Sprayfast to ensure the best bond possible.

In some instances there may be the requirement to install mesh prior to application of Sprayfast to allow even distribution of stresses created by thermal loading or shrinkage.



This is influenced by mixing, pumping & spraying techniques, which will affect the applied density. The wastage factor will depend on such details as the degree of site control, size & shape of items being sprayed & frequency of stoppages. This can best be determined by experience.



Sprayed application must be carried out by an Applicator recognized by one of our licensed producers. Sprayfast products should be applied in accordance with the latest "Instruction for Application" (Go to download tab). Further guidance can be obtained from the Good Practice Guide produced by the Sprayed Concrete Association.

Sprayfast must be mixed with potable water by mechanical means, such as forced action mixers (Cretangle) or slow speed drill paddle mixers. Mixers attached to pumps and also suitable. Add the majority of the water to the mixer prior to adding the Sprayfast; add the remaining water during mixing to reach desired consistency. Sprayfast must be mixed for a minimum of 5 minutes to ensure correct performance. The amount of water required may vary according to ambient temperature & relative humidity.

When spraying to a thickness over 100mm, care should be taken to ensure that the buildup is not too rapid resulting in possible slumping, as large an area as possible should be worked. Avoid feathering edge by cutting back at least 10mm around the areas to be sprayed if required. Substrate movement joints should be continued though the Sprayfast layer and suitably sealed. 

Sprayfast can be placed by pumping or spraying as well as by hand/trowel. Pumps such as a Putzmeister P11 or Lancy PH9 R eco may be used for spray application.



Levelling and initial finishing should be carried out using a wooden or plastic float immediately after spraying has finished. Any overcoating that takes place should be finished with a wooden float or damp sponge. Surface overworking should be avoided may result in cracking.



Good curing is essential. Particular care is required in hot and /or windy conditions. Curing can either be with a coat of spray.-applied curing membrane (Febcure), or by covering the area with plastic sheet or wet hessian, if the area is to subsequently receive an overcoat.






The information given within this product description is based NOT ONLY on work carried out in our own laboratories, but also on practical experience obtained during field work. It is offered without guarantee and no patent is assumed.



All equipment and tools should be cleaned once work is completed or during extended breaks.




For health, safety and environmental information, View/download the HSE-document from the downloads tab above.





The Sprayfast range of products has been crated with a selection of strengths available to suit the requirements of the application. With these strength variations come differing densities and thermal properties, which may be the characteristic, required. The information on top displays the varying characteristics of the products. 



Sprayfast has been designed to be pumped and sprayed. Ideal for use in concrete repair, refurbishment, protection and lightweight construction where savings can be made due to the very low proportional material weight. Sprayfast will bond to almost any clean substrate including glass and can be sprayed in layers up to 150mm thick in one application.



Sprayfast is a ready to use, one pack, lightweight protective concrete. Sprayfast materials have been designed for application by "Wet Spray" Techniques. The product range is cement based and contains special cements, microsilica, polystyrene beads, clay granules, alkali resistant glass fibers and LCK-Mix. Sprayfast materials have the added benefit that they can be trowel applied as well as sprayed, removing the need for applied as well as sprayed, removing the need for obtaining a range of materials to cover all requirements.

The formulation and grading of the components provide material with minimal losses due to rebound.