Tunnel Sweden


The long cold winders of Scandinavia have given rise to a problem of a particular concern to road tunnel engineers. Each year millions of liters of water gradually permeates into rock, following every crack and fissure, seeking some form of outlet. Road tunnels, running though the mountain form an ideal collection point and for many months of the year water is continually dripping from the tunnel roof. As temperatures fall the dripping water turns to icicles. Hanging like stalactites from the roof and subsequently dropping, dangerously onto the vehicles below. A slight rise in temperature, during the day may once again result in a cascade of dripping water which will lay on the carriageway, ready to turn into a ribbon of ice next time the temperature drops.

Lining the tunnels with concrete sections was an obvious answer, but ordinary concrete posed as many problems as it solved. Ideally the concrete elements or sections would be Light, Strong and Waterproof. Light enough to require just simple plant and equipment that could work easily inside the tunnel yet strong enough to be self-supporting and of course waterproof, to prevent the on-going problem. Lightcem elements proved to be a perfect solution. The combination of almost no water absorption together with high strength and low weight (each element weighing less than one third the weight of ordinary concrete) gave the engineers the answer they were looking for. An easy to install system that solved the problem, made the tunnels safer and resulted in an aesthetically pleasing finish.

C/No: 010592                                                                               Type of Construction

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden                                             Road tunnel Linings

Contracted by: SRA

Lisense Holder: BESAB, Sweden                                           Product Used:  Litecrete

An overview of some projects accomplished using Lightcem products